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Property Management

Manage day-to-day tenant, maintenance and employee activities all in one place.

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Tenant Management

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Whether its new residents or established tenants, you can easily keep track of their relevant data. Create tenant profiles that include pertinent information about their contact information, payment history and even a copy of their most recent lease. Standardize processes for new tenant orientation, lease renewal, and maintenance notices and keep accessible records all in one place.

Maintenance Requests

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Standardize maintenance requests with structured forms and processes that detail the how, when, and where of the repair needed. Records of repeat requests also help you spot a major maintenance problem before it happens which can save you both time and money on preemptive repairs.

Contractor Management

Having a Rolodex of contractors may be a good thing to have if your business does not employ its own team of maintenance staff. But, wouldn't it be better still to keep detailed, structured records of all contractors that have been hired along with the details of their projects from initiation to completion?

Compliance and Regulation Management

Licenses, certificates, taxes, and permits can be a challenge to keep up with when other tasks require your attention. Stay on top of regulatory requirements by standardizing their processes and schedule the necessary tasks to be completed in advance. Stay organized and stay in compliance with our automation tools.

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