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IT and Tech Companies

Manage day-to-day tickets, clients, and employee activities all in one place.

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Manage Support Tickets

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Keep support requests and resolutions in one convenient place. Once established, employees and users alike can submit support requests that get automatically sent to the attention of the appropriate team. Records of closed tickets are kept and can be accessed at any time for performance reviews and trend analysis.

Manage Feature Requests

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Give the teams a centralized place to log feature requests. Whether it's a nice-to-have or a must-have, all requests can be submitted through a standardized format that helps keep things organized and prioritized. The comprehensive log of all requests also helps save time and minimize duplicate requests.

Manage Bug Reports

Standardized bug reports provide a structured format of disseminating the problem along with any relevant details about how, when, and where the bug was encountered. Historical records of bug reports can also be used to track trends of recurring issues and potentially prevent more severe problems in the future before they occur.

Centralize Requests

Requests coming from multiple places can lead to confusion and the loss of important information. Let us help you create a simplified process of receiving requests from internal and external sources that goes to—and stays in—one place.

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