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HR and Administration

Manage day-to-day activities for all administrative work, teams, and employees all in one place.

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New Hire and Onboarding

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Clear, consistent orientation and training ensures all new hires are given the same comprehensive overview of their responsibilities. What's more, your process remains flexible enough that any feedback on how to improve these activities can be easily incorporated into the next round of hires.

Employee Schedule

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Optimize every single shift. Our scheduling software automatically generates schedules based on the settings you configure. Even give employees control of dropping and exchanging shifts themselves, saving managers time and giving employees power over their work-life balance.

Vacation or Reimbursement Requests

Eliminate the errant post-it note or the email that gets ignored in favor of more pressing issues. Simplify your employees' request processes through Slipstream. This gives them a reliable way to submit vacation and reimbursement requests that won't get overlooked or accidentally thrown into the wastepaper basket.

Compliance and Regulation Management

Licenses, certificates, and permits can be a challenge to keep up with when other tasks require your attention. Stay on top of regulatory requirements by standardizing their renewal processes and schedule the necessary activities to be completed in advance. Stay organized and stay in compliance with our automation tools.

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